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Armenian Citizenship Requirements

Armenian passport is a valuable document allowing you to travel visa-free to dozens of countries, including Russia and other former Soviet countries. You will also take advantage of the beneficial treatment within the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan) in terms of employment, work permits, social protection etc. Citizenship also makes it possible to own land in Armenia. Finally, it will give you and your family additional protection is the form of government-financed education, medical treatment and welfare benefits.

Dual citizenship

Armenia allows dual citizenship and does not require you to renounce your existing citizenship.

Citizenship by residency

This citizenship program is for those foreigners who are ready to acquire a temporary, permanent or special residence permit in Armenia and hold it for three years. You are not required to spend a certain number of days in Armenia to become eligible. After three years of maintaining your resident status you may apply for Armenian citizenship, provided you pass a test on the knowledge of Armenian Constitution. It is an easy multiple-choice test with 30 questions, and you need to answer correctly to 16 of them. However, the test is in Armenian language and you will need to spend some time learning Armenian language before you attempt to pass it.

Please click here for more information on obtaining an Armenian residence permit.

Citizenship by Armenian origin

This program is for those foreigners who are of Armenian descent or origin. The Armenian origin is normally proved by showing a government- or church-issued document showing the ethnicity of the applicant. A baptism certificate of the applicant and or his parent (grand-parent) is a common way to establish Armenian origin. There are no language or residency requirements for ethnic Armenians.

Citizenship by investment

A citizenship for investment program is currently being designed by the Armenian government. Please email us for more information.

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Family members

Your spouse can apply for Armenian citizenship immediately after you are granted citizenship. Your minor children will be granted citizenship immediately upon your request.

 Military duty

All male citizens are required to register with the military office. Males aged 18 to 26 may be subject to mandatory two-year military service. If you do not wish to serve in the army you may want to postpone acquiring citizenship until you reach the age of 27.


Obtaining Armenian citizenship will not affect your tax liabilities as Armenia does not have citizenship-based taxation.

Timeline & travel

Normally you will need to travel to Armenia twice. The first visit will take a couple of days and will be necessary to submit the application in person. The second visit will happen after your citizenship decree is granted (within 4-6 months after the application). The second visit is necessary to register with the military office (if you are a male), take an oath an obtain your passport. For your second visit it is recommended to plan to stay in Armenia for at least one week.

Instead of traveling to Armenia you may apply for citizenship through an Armenian embassy abroad. However, this will slow down the process. In any case, you will be required to travel to Armenia to obtain your passport (currently there are temporary exceptions for citizens of Lebanon and Syria who can obtain their passport through the embassies in these countries).

Armenian citizenship


I know that my ancestors were Armenians but I do not have any proof. What can I do? 2017-05-18T06:29:59+00:00

If there is no primary evidence, such as old government- or church-issued documents showing the Armenian origin, you may use secondary evidence, for example, statements by local Armenian community organizations or churches. Please contact us to discuss the particularities of your case.

My spouse is an Armenian citizen. Do I have to pass any tests? 2017-05-18T06:13:04+00:00

Yes, before you file the citizenship application you will have to take a test on the knowledge of Armenian constitution. However, you are exempt from Armenian language requirements and, therefore, you can take the test in English or another language.

My spouse is an Armenian citizen. When can I apply for citizenship? 2017-05-18T06:10:18+00:00

You can apply for citizenship immediately after your marriage is registered. If your marriage was registered in a foreign country the marriage certificate will have to be legalized (Apostille or consular legalization) and translated into Armenian language.

Please note that police and national security officers may check if you actually live with your spouse or if the marriage is merely a sham.

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