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Armenia has a very liberal immigration policy favoring free movement of persons and business immigration. Immigrating to Armenia is a fast and relatively low cost procedure. Immigrants are not required to make large investments, purchase real property, obtain health insurance, speak Armenian etc.

Nationals of EU/EFTA countries and former USSR countries can visit Armenia without a visa and stay for up to 180 days in a given year. Nationals of other countries must apply for visas, which are issued for up to 120 days with a 60-day extension possibility and normally easily obtained upon arrival at the border, either by air or land.

Citizens of certain select countries (China, India, Pakistan, African countries) must obtain visas at Armenian consulates abroad, while an invitation from an Armenian resident may also be required. They have to complete an application and attend a visa appointment.

The extension of a visa takes approximately 3 business days after the application is filed and the official fee is paid. In case of overstay, an administrative fine (from $123 to $246) can be imposed on the applicant.


Visa fee


Extension fee

Visitor visa (business, tourism, study, family visit)

21 days, single


Max. 60 days

$1.2 per day

120 days, single


60 days, multiple


120 days, multiple


Transit visa

3 days, single


Max. 4 days

3 days, multiple


Obtaining a residence permit in Armenia is relatively easy as there are no requirements to make an investment, buy or rent property, prove annual income, deposit money within a bank, obtain insurance, provide character references, etc.

TermOfficial fee
Temporary1 year, renewable$258
Permanent5 years, renewable$344
Special10 years, renewable$369


Temporary and permanent residence permits are issued by the passport and visa department of the Police within 30 days after the application is filed.

Applicants for temporary residence permits shall demonstrate that there are circumstances justifying their stay in Armenia for one year or more. In particular, the applicant shall fall under one of the following categories:

  • Entrepreneur conducting business in Armenia
  • Employee
  • Student
  • Spouse/parent/child/sibling/grandparent/grandchild of an Armenian citizen or holder of a permanent residence permit
  • Spouse/parent/child of a holder of a temporary residence permit
  • Ethnic Armenian

The status of entrepreneur can be proved by any document showing the existence of economic activities in Armenia, including a company registration certificate, contracts for bank accounts, invoice for rental of office space, invoice for equipment bought for business, etc.

Permanent residence permits are available for foreigners who fall under one of the following categories:

  • Entrepreneur conducting business in Armenia
  • Ethnic Armenian
  • Spouse/parent/child/sibling/grandparent/grandchild of an Armenian citizen or holder of a permanent residence permit with sufficient financial resources and housing, who has resided in Armenia for at least three years

The applicants shall undergo a medical screening at a healthcare institution in Armenia and attach the medical certificate to their applications.

Special residence permits may be granted by the President of Armenia to individuals of Armenian descent and to foreigners involved in economic or cultural activities in Armenia.

A foreigner may apply for Armenian citizenship if he/she satisfies the following requirements:

  • Has permanently resided in Armenia for the last three years
  • Has a command of the Armenian language
  • Is familiar with the Armenian Constitution

Ethnic Armenians and spouses/parents of Armenian citizens are eligible for citizenship even if they do not satisfy these requirements. Citizenship may also be granted to individuals who have provided exceptional services to the Republic of Armenia.

Armenia recognizes dual citizenship and does not require new applicants to relinquish any other citizenship.

The government has not yet put in place a system of work permits for foreign parties. Thus, there are currently no quotas, labor market tests, or other restrictions on hiring foreign employees. Armenian employers are not required to prefer local people over foreigners. Even after the legal framework for work permits is in place, business owners, managers, holders of permanent residency permits and their family members, will still be exempted from work permit requirements.

The unemployment rate is estimated to be around 18%. The minimum salary is set by law at $123 per month. The average monthly salary is about $390.

Minimum wages


Hourly for 40-hour work week

Hourly for 36-hour work week

Hourly for 24-hour work week





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