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Trademark registration time frame and cost in Armenia

A trademark application filed with the Armenian Intellectual Property Agency (AIPA) usually takes about eight months to reach registration, provided no objections are encountered.  Official government fees for trademark registration start from US$72 in one class of goods or services. Extra costs may arise for further classes or in the case of complications (objections, appeals [...]

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Protection of unregistered trademarks in Armenia

Although it is recommended that trademarks be registered in Armenia, trademark rights may be established without registration through the actual use of a sign in the course of trade insofar as the sign has become well-known among the relevant public in Armenia. Such signs acquire protection not by means of being registered but through the [...]

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What may be registered as a trademark in Armenia?

Trademark protection in Armenia is extended to any mark used to distinguish goods and services and that may be graphically presented. A trademark can, for example, consist of letters, numerals, words, including personal names and company names, building names, word combinations, slogans, logos, pictures, drawings, holograms, arrangement of colors, symbols, or combinations of one or [...]

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Trademark applications in Armenia

Any natural and legal person may apply for and own trademarks in Armenia, including non for profit organizations. It is not required for natural persons to be registered as individual entrepreneurs. There are no Armenian residency or citizenship requirements for the applicants. Foreigners enjoy the same legal regime as Armenian residents subject to a reciprocity [...]

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Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Transfer under Armenian Law

The importance of an effective and enforceable system of intellectual property laws and institutions has been acknowledged by the Armenian government and the society at large. A number of legal and institutional reforms have been initiated recently with a view to improving the system of intellectual property rights and enhancing the trade and investment environment [...]

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Armenia Immigration: Visa, Residence & Citizenship

lightbulb-o  NFORMATION ON THIS PAGE IS OUTDATED. FOR ACCURATE AND UPDATED INFORMATION PLEASE GO TO THIS PAGE: ARMENIA VISA REQUIREMENTS. Armenia has a very liberal immigration policy favoring free movement of persons and business immigration. Immigrating to Armenia is a fast and relatively low cost procedure. Immigrants are not required to make large investments, [...]

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Court System in Armenia

Armenian Court System Armenian judicial system has undergone various reforms in recent years and currently comprises four tiers: First instance courts Courts of Appeal Court of Cassation Constitutional Court The first tier is represented by two types of courts: courts of general jurisdiction and the Administrative Court. The latter has jurisdiction primarily over cases involving [...]

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