How much a trademark litigation will cost?

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How much a trademark litigation will cost?

The trademark litigation costs in Armenia vary and depend, among other things, on the appointed counsel and the complexity of the case, i.e. the documentation needed, witness statements and expert opinions required, translation costs, marketing reports, market surveys, and whether the trademark owner seeks preliminary injunction or other provisional remedies.

Overall, the costs of litigation in Armenia are not exorbitant and can certainly be afforded even by small enterprises. A typical range for attorneys’ fees for filing and prosecuting an action in the court of first instance would be $2,000 to $5,000. As the subject matter of appeal proceedings is often more limited than in first-instance proceedings, attorneys’ fees will typically be lower.

In addition, court fees (which will need to be advanced to the court) will be incurred. These are calculated on the basis of the value in dispute, namely 2% for trial courts and 3% for appellate courts.

At the end of an action, the court generally awards attorneys’ fees to the prevailing party. However, the sums that can be recovered do not cover the actual fees incurred, but simply a percentage of the same, often 30-50% of the actual costs.

Criminal actions may be less expensive than civil actions because governmental authorities will perform part of the work, including all investigations. However, there is still a great deal of work that needs to be performed by counsel.

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