What is the trademark validity period?

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What is the trademark validity period?

A trademark registered in Armenia remains in effect for 10 years starting with the date of filing the application. At the end of this period it may be renewed for further 10-year periods. In order to maintain the registration, official fees (currently around $300 for a trademark in one class) have to be paid to the Armenian Intellectual Property Agency before expiration of the 10-year term or within a six-month grace period (for a higher fee).

No proof of use is required in order to maintain a trademark. However, if the trademark has not been put to effective use within a period of five years after the date of registration, the trademark may be cancelled based on grounds of non-use whether or not the official fees have been paid.

The trademark owner bears the burden of proving that the trademark is in use if a dispute occurs. This can be proved by means of sales invoices, advertisement, license agreements etc.

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