Minimum Salary to be Increased by 23.6% in Armenia

minimum salary in Armenia

The Armenian government supported the lawmakers’ proposal on the rise of the minimum salary in Armenia from the present AMD 55.000 to AMD 63,000. Another AMD 5,000 were also added to this proposal to make the salary AMD 68,000.

Gemafin Gasparyan, the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, mentioned that according to calculations, at least AMD 68,000 is needed for every family to improve the living conditions and not to find itself in utter penury.

The number of people working in the private sector and the number of people working in the public sector who receive the minimum salary of AMD 55,000 amounts to about 45,000 and 35,000 respectively. Due to the proposed amendments, they will now earn 23,6% more every month.

Nikol Pashinyan, the Prime Minister, ensured the protection of employees’ rights in terms of obligating officials not to manipulate with the working hours in the private sector.

Atom Janjughazyan, the Finance Minister, in his turn, made it clear that the amendments will only apply to the minimum salary on which salaries of the public sector’s employees are based and not the basic salary.

The last time the minimum salary in Armenia was raised was in 2015. The average salary was recorded at AMD 172,000 in 2018.

Janjughazyan reports that the average salary in the public sector amounting AMD 149,000 was lower than that of the private sector – AMD 186,000 ($1 – AMD 477.23) (Minimum salary to be increased in Armenia 23.6% to AMD 68,000, (June 27, 2019) (in English)).

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