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In 2018, Armenia’s Economy Grew by 5.2%


Armenian economy

In 2018, Armenia's Economy Grew by 5.2%

Armenian economic growth in 2018 was at 5.2%. According to preliminary data of the National Statistics Committee, the size of Armenia’s GDP over the past year amounted to 6,002.7 billion drams or about US$12.4 billion. The GDP growth in the first quarter was 9.9%, in the second - 7.4%, in the third - 2.5%, and in the fourth - 3.4%. The growth was driven by trade and services (9.6%), energy (4.1%), and construction (1.6%).  GDP per capita amounted to 2,021,808 drams (US$4,186).

 5.2 % Economic Growth in Armenia in 2018,, (Feb. 20, 2019) (in Russian)

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