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Program Overview

The Moldova Citizenship-by-Investment (MCBI) program requires applicants to make a donation (contribution) to the Public Investment Fund of Moldova. In exchange, applicants and their families are granted citizenship. By law, the number of main applicants (not family members) is limited to 5,000. The donation can be made in local currency, euro, Swiss francs or US dollars.

Donation Amount

Contribution to Public Investment Fund

Single Applicant


Family of Two


Family of Three or Four


Family of Five or More


Government Fees & Expenses

Official Fee

Due Diligence Fee

Service Provider Fee

Accredited Agent Fee

Passport Fee


Main Applicant














Child under 16





Child 16-29





Parent (above 55)





Application Steps

Step 1. Collecting Documents & Filling out Forms

Step 2. Submitting Documents

Step 3. Payment of Government Fees

Step 4. Application Formally Accepted

Step 5. Due Diligence; Providing Additional Information/Evidence

Step 6. Pre-Approval

Step 7. Donation & Service Provider Fees

Step 8. Citizenship Granted

Step 9. Visiting Moldova or an Embassy to Take the Oath

Step 10. Collecting the Passports

Calculate the Fees &
Check the Document Requirements

Please fill out the form below to see what fees and document requirements are applicable to your case.

Moldova 2018.12.10

Main Applicant


Child under 14

Child aged 14-15

Child aged 16-17

Child aged 18-29



Sponsor (Benefactor)

Frequently Asked Questions
on Citizenship by Investment

Who is not eligible to apply?

National of which countries are not allowed to apply?

Which family members can be included in the application?

What other family members are eligible for immigration benefits?

If my application is rejected, can I appeal that decision?

Is it possible for the government to revoke my Moldovan citizenship?

Can I later renounce my Moldovan citizenship?

Will my unborn children be automatically granted Moldovan citizenship? 

What are the tax consequences of acquiring Moldovan citizenship?

What are the military service obligations for Moldovan citizens?

Does Moldova extradite its own citizens?

Is the decision on granting citizenship made public?

What is the text of the oath that I will have to take?

Do I have to use the services of an accredited agent?

Not Ready for Citizenship?
Check the Residence by Investment Program

Moldova grants temporary residence permits to foreign investors who set up a company in Moldova, provided that:

  1. The company invests more than €19,000 in the economy (including real estate or other assets), or
  2. The company has created at least four full-time jobs with a monthly salary of not less than €320 each.


Residence Permit Validity

Investment of €19,000-64,000 or creation of at least 4 jobs

Two years

Investment of €64,000-192,000 or creation of at least 8 jobs

Three years

Investment of €192,000-640,000 or creation of at least 15 jobs

Four years

Investment of €640,000-1,280,000 or creation of at least 25 jobs

Five years

Investment in excess of €1,280,000 or creation of at least 50 jobs

Eight years

Frequently Asked Questions
on Residence by Investment

Which documents do I have to present?

Do I have to be physically present in Moldova to apply for residency status?

How long does it take for the residency to be issued?

Will my family members also become residents?

Can the temporary residence permit be extended?

When can I become a permanent resident?

What is the path to citizenship once I acquire a residence permit?

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