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Georgia Immigration 2021 Visas & Residence Permits 

Georgia Immigration 2021 Visas & Residence Permits

Georgia is a modern and fast growing country with rich history and traditions, beautiful nature, excellent cuisine, low taxes, low crime rate, and low cost of living. Georgia offers visas, residence permits and tax residency status to investors, property owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, workers and their family members, with a path to citizenship. 

A knowledgeable local lawyer can help you navigate through the immigration process, avoid pitfalls and maximize your chances of success. Legal assistance can be very valuable in the process of purchasing properties, registering businesses, reviewing, certifying and translating documents, communicating with government agencies and tracking your case, obtaining residence cards, tax residence certificates, etc. Please contact us for a free evaluation of your case. 

As of March 13, 2021, the Georgian borders are closed to foreigners, except for vaccinated visitors (i.e. those who received two doses of any COVID-19 vaccination) and visitors who can meet special entry requirements outlined below.

Citizens and residence permit holders of certain countries (EU countries, U.S., U.K., Switzerland, Norway, Israel, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Qatar, Turkey, Bahrain, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Russia and Belarus) can enter Georgia with no self-isolation requirements (except those who visited the U.K. in the last two weeks) if they can show a certificate of a PCR test with negative results taken within 72 hours before entering Georgia, provided they take another PCR test on the 3rd day after the arrival in Georgia. Visitors from the above-mentioned countries, as well as vaccinated visitors, have to submit an online pre-registration form before traveling to Georgia. Non-vaccinated travelers can visit Georgia under one of the following programs:

1. Travelers for business purposes, who have an invitation letter from a Georgian entity, may be allowed to enter the country after submitting a special application form. This requirement is in addition to and does not replace the regular visa rules. The visitors under this program shall undergo a PCR test upon arrival, stay in quarantine until the negative results come back, and either submit PCR test results every three days for the next 12 days or go into a mandatory 8-day quarantine, undergo a PCR test at the end of the quarantine and another one on the 12th day. 

2. Remote workers, including freelancers, full-time employees and entrepreneurs, may be allowed to travel and work remotely from Georgia if they submit a special application form, also providing proof of at least USD 2,000 monthly income/salary for the last year and health insurance for at least 6 months. Supporting documents such as contracts with clients, business and employment documents, may be required depending on the case. This program is generally available to nationals of the countries with which Georgia has a visa-free regime. A visitor under this program shall be quarantined for 8 days, followed by a PCR testing.

Applications under these two programs are typically processed within 10 business days.

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Georgia Residence Form

Legal Guide to Visa, Residence, and Passport in Georgia

#1. Visa

#2. Overview of Residence Programs

#3. Business Owner or Employee (Work) Residence Permit

#4. Property Ownership (Short-Term) Residence Permit

#5. Investment (Permanent) Residence Permit

#6. Family Members

#7. Residence Card (ID Card)

#8. Passport & Visa-Free Travel

#9. Tax Residence for High Net Worth Individuals

12 Reasons for a Georgian Residence Permit

1. Life in Georgia

Georgia is a modern and fast growing country with rich history and traditions, beautiful nature, excellent cuisine. It has a strategic location in the Caucasus region and is a primary spot for investors who want to access both the European and Asian markets. The country is a free and open democracy that boasts a uniquely liberal business and trade regimes, low taxes, developing infrastructure and a very low crime rate. Georgia's international rankings are available below.

2. Unrestricted Travel and Activities

A Georgian residence permit grants you the right to unrestricted stay in the country and the right to engage in any lawful activities, such as doing business, working, studying or simply retiring without work permits or additional documents. Georgian residents are not obliged to serve in the military.

3. Low Cost of Living

The cost of living  in Georgia is very low compared to other European countries. A list of indicative prices can be found here.

4. Investment Opportunities

There are many ways to make smart business investments in Georgia, for example in tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, real estate or outsourcing. The government offers many incentives and grants, has lowered or made certain taxes non-existent, thus generously lowering the costs of doing business.  

5. Path to Citizenship

Becoming a resident of Georgia gives you and your family a path to citizenship. Georgian passport ranks 48th in the world (as of 2021) and allows visa-free travel to 116 countries and territories, including EU (Schengen) countries, most of CIS countries, Iran and Turkey.

6. More Freedom and Options

Having a residence permit gives you more freedom and options and can serve as a valuable "insurance policy." Georgia is generally considered an exceptionally safe country with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. If the economic or political situation in your country gets worse you can use your residence permit to move to Georgia with your family. Having a residence permit can help you avoid problems resulting from your country’s foreign policy and domestic regulations (for example, difficulties with banking or increased tax burden). 

7. Extension of Immigration Benefits to Family Members

Georgia grants "residence permits for family reunification" to the family members, including the spouse, sons and daughters, parents, minor, supported or incapable persons under guardianship (custody) of or fully dependent on the residence permit holder. 

8. Consular and Visa Services

If you wish to travel to European or other countries, holding a residence permit may allow you to apply for a visa at an embassy in Georgia. 

9. Fast, Easy and Inexpensive Process

The process of obtaining a residence permit normally takes less than a month. Once your petition is approved you can get your Georgian residence permit in a matter of days. Only minimum documents are required. There is no need to provide police certificates, proof of address, tax returns etc. Government fees are very low even if you use optional fast-track services. 

10. No Tax on Foreign Income

Georgia's taxation of individuals is based on territory and foreign-sourced income is not taxable in Georgia even if you become a tax resident of the country. Tax residence certificates may be available to those who spend in Georgia more than 183 days in a year or, in certain cases, to high net worth individuals. 

Obtaining a Georgian residence permit and establishing stronger ties with Georgia can help you to qualify for a non-resident status in your country of origin or other countries and take advantage of the tax benefits available to non-residents. 

11. Inviting Other Foreigners

Once you become a resident of Georgia you are allowed to file invitation letters for other foreigners to support their visa applications. 

12. Government Assistance

Georgian residents enjoy constitutional rights and freedoms, including rights to work, healthcare, social security, education, property and privacy rights, freedom of speech, conscience, religion and belief. Georgia has a number of social programs for its citizens, including government-financed education and medical treatment, welfare benefits for old, disabled and other classes of socially vulnerable people.

Properties Qualifying for Residence

Owning property will qualify you for residence if the market value of the property, as assessed by a qualified appraiser, exceeds $100,000. The average prices in the capital Tbilisi are around US$900 per sq.m., with properties in the center closer to US$1,500. Prices are slightly lower in the second largest city, the seaside resort Batumi. Rental properties are generally more profitable in Tbilisi which hosts tourists all year round, whereas Batumi is popular in summer.

Development Projects in Tbilisi

Project (location, expected completion date)

Available Sizes (Sq. M.)

Price per Sq. M.


King David Residences, Heroes Square (completed)



Vake Hills, Vake Park (Jul. 2021)



Chavchavadze 49, Vake Park (Dec. 2021)



Landmark Jiqia, Saburtalo (Dec. 2021)



Royal Vake, Vake  (Jul. 2021)



Saburtalo Palace, Saburtalo (completed)



Tbilisi Gardens, Vake-Saburtalo (Jul. 2022)



GreenHill Residence, Tbilisi University (Jul. 2022)



White Square in Nutsubidze, Saburtalo (Jul. 2023)

34 and up


FAQ on Residence in Georgia and Armenia

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about residence programs and responses for two jurisdictions: Armenia and Georgia. Questions focus on applications that are based on business ownership and investment in real estate. There may be other ways to qualify for residency (work, studies, etc.)



Business Owners and Investors

Can I obtain a residence permit by setting up a new business or investing in an existing business?



Are there minimum investment requirements? 


No, unless you apply for a permanent permit in which case the minimum investment is $300,000

Are there minimum income requirements?


Yes, around $315 per month per applicant

Are there minimum sales or turnover requirements?


Yes, around $15,000 annually per applicant

Do I need a work permit?



Are there restrictions on the type of business I can do?



Do I need to rent office premises or hire local staff?



Do I have to register a business and pay business taxes?



What is the validity of the residence permit?

Short-term (one year), long-term (five years) or special (ten years), all extendable

Up to five years, extendable for up to six years

Real Property Owners

Can I obtain a residence permit by purchasing real property?

Yes, provided that you use it as rental property and register a rental business


Are there minimum investment requirements? 


$100,000, or if you apply for a permanent permit, $300,000

General Questions

Can I apply for residency while I am on regular (tourist) visa?


Yes, unless visa is expiring in less than 40 days

After how many years I can be eligible for a permanent residence permit? 

Armenia does not issue permanent residence permits

After six years (five years if you invest more than $300,000 and meet certain turnover requirements)

After how many years I can be eligible for a passport?

Three years

Ten years

Is dual citizenship allowed?



How much are the government fees for obtaining a residence permit? 



How long does it take to get a residence permit?

30-60 days

20-40 days

Do I have to provide any of the following?


 - Police clearance certificate



- Medical check certificate



- Bank account statement


No, unless used to prove income

- Proof of address



- Proof of source of income



- Birth certificate



- Military records



- Fingerprints



Am I required to be physically present in the country to: 

 - file the application for residency?

Yes, unless applying for special residence permit


- obtain the residence permit?



Is there normally an interview with the immigration officer?



Can family members also qualify for a residence permit?


 - Spouse, son or daughter, parent



 - Brother or sister, grandparent or grandchild

Only for long-term and special residents


 - Other dependents



Do I have to pay personal taxes to the country after becoming a resident?



Do I have to serve in the military after becoming a resident?



If my application for residence gets rejected can I reapply?

Yes, after one year

Yes, anytime

Can the rejection be appealed in court?



Georgia and Armenia Overview


Area SQ.KM.







Yerevan (1,075,000)

TBILISi (1,114,000)


christian (94.8%)

christian (88.1%)













DRAM ($1 = 520 AMD)

LARI ($1 = 3.31 GEL)

Average Salary:



GDP Growth:



GdP per capita:









Georgia and Armenia in International Rankings

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