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Trademark applications in Armenia

Any natural and legal person may apply for and own trademarks in Armenia, including non for profit organizations. It is not required for natural persons to be registered as individual entrepreneurs.

There are no Armenian residency or citizenship requirements for the applicants. Foreigners enjoy the same legal regime as Armenian residents subject to a reciprocity requirement. Foreign legal and natural persons shall apply through their Armenian agents unless they have a permanent establishment/residency in Armenia. It is strongly advised to use professional legal services.

A trademark is subject to registration irrespective of running a related business or being engaged in commercial activities in Armenia. There is no requirement to file a declaration of intention of use or affidavit of use or any similar document. A formal receipt is issued upon application.

Several applicants may apply jointly and co-own a trademark. Collective marks are also available.

An application shall contain the following information: name and contact information for the applicant and its representative, if any; description of the trademark; the list of goods and services to be covered by the trademark. This information shall be filled out in Armenian language. An application form can be downloaded at the official website of the Armenian Intellectual Property Agency at

Trademark registration is governed by the Trademark Law of 2010 which is available in English at

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