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 Armenia 2022  

Citizenship by Investment Armenia 2022 

Amendments to the Citizenship Law were enacted on July 7, 2022, to provide for the possibility of acquiring Armenian citizenship by means of "making a significant economic contribution" to the country. Here is the exact text of the amendment:

"Citizenship of the Republic of Armenia can be granted, without the need to comply with sub-paragraphs 1, 2, and 3 of the first paragraph or the second paragraphs of this article, to those who have provided exceptional services to the Republic of Armenia as well as to persons with a significant contribution in the areas of economy, science, education, culture, healthcare, athletics. The description and evaluation criteria of exceptional services as well as significant contribution in the areas of economy, science, education, culture, healthcare, athletics shall be defined by a decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia."

"Persons who have received citizenship of the Republic of Armenia in accordance with paragraph 4 of this article shall present themselves to the authorized body of the Government of the Republic of Armenia in order to participate in the oath ceremony and to receive a passport of a citizen of the Republic of Armenia."

"This law shall enter into force on the tenth day following its official publication, and the sub-legislative act referred to in article 1 of this law shall be enacted within 6 months after the entry into force of this law."

To summarize the text:

  1. Armenia now has a law that allows foreigners to acquire Armenian citizenship if they can show they have made a "significant contribution" in the area of economy (or culture, athletics, etc.)
  2. The law specifically exempts such applicants from normally applicable naturalization requirements (knowledge of Constitution or Armenian language, residence in Armenia, etc.)
  3. The law will probably be published and will enter into force by the end of July 2022, which means that the exact evaluation criteria clarifying the meaning of "significant contribution" shall be enacted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Armenia by the end of January 2023.
  4. The requirement to appear before the "authorized body" probably means that it will not be possible to take the oath and get the first passport at an Armenian embassy. Instead, the applicant will have to travel to Armenia and get the passport at the Immigration Office (Police).

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