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The Ultimate Guide to Tax Residency in Armenia for Digital Nomads

Tax residency holds great significance for digital nomads, requiring careful consideration to ensure optimal financial outcomes.

Why choose Armenia for tax residency?

Armenia has emerged as an appealing choice for digital nomads seeking advantageous tax conditions. Notably, the country boasts low tax rates, levying a mere 5% tax on dividends for tax residents, while interest income is taxed at 10%. Moreover, Armenia generally refrains from imposing taxes on capital gains from the sale of securities, real estate, and other assets, regardless of the origin of these gains. Certain income sources, including insurance and pension payments, also enjoy tax exemptions, alongside exemptions on gifts, inheritances, and net worth. Another notable advantage of Armenian tax residency lies in its extensive network of double taxation treaties, spanning approximately 50 countries.

Understanding the requirements for tax residency in Armenia

To establish tax residency in Armenia, it is essential to comprehend the criteria outlined by the Armenian tax authorities. According to Armenian tax laws, two avenues exist for attaining tax residency and obtaining a tax residency certificate, which serves as proof of one's tax residency status. The first path deems an individual a tax resident if they spend a minimum of 183 days in Armenia during a fiscal year.

An alternative route to securing a tax residency certificate involves petitioning the tax office, even without fulfilling the 183-day requirement, by substantiating that one's center of vital interest is based in Armenia. As per the law, the center of vital interests is the place where a person's family or economic interests are concentrated. Specifically, if an individual's family resides in Armenia or if their primary property or main economic (professional) activity takes place in Armenia, the center of vital interests is considered to be in Armenia. In simpler terms, if an individual can establish that their ties to Armenia are stronger than their ties to any other country, they could obtain a tax residency certificate even if they spend less than 183 days in the country.

Tax residency certificate application process

Once one of the abovementioned criteria are met, an individual can apply for a tax residency certificate at the Tax Service of the Republic of Armenia. In order to do so, it is necessary to provide copies of relevant documents indicating income received from abroad, as well as copies of all passport pages. The Tax Service may also require additional documentation as per their discretion.

Alternatively, the application for the tax residency certificate can be submitted through a Power of Attorney, thereby eliminating the requirement for physical presence. Upon submission of the application, a response can be expected within two business days.

It should be noted that the tax residency certificate is issued specifically for the particular year.

Tax obligations for digital nomads in Armenia

Digital nomads who acquire tax residency in Armenia bear certain tax obligations. Generally, upon applying for a tax residence certificate, individuals must declare the income they received from abroad in the respective year. If taxable income has been obtained, an income tax report must be submitted to the State Revenue Committee by April 20 of the subsequent year.

Tax residents are liable for taxes on their worldwide income. However, if taxes have already been paid in the country where the income was earned, individuals are granted a tax credit equivalent to the taxes already paid in that foreign jurisdiction. In other words, if the tax rate in the foreign country surpasses that of Armenia, it is unlikely that any taxes will be payable in Armenia.

Common misconceptions about tax residency in Armenia

The most common misconceptions surrounding tax residency in is that obtaining a residence permit (temporary, permanent, or special) automatically makes you a "tax resident". However, it is crucial to note that tax residency is regulated by tax laws, not immigration laws. Consequently, an individual only attains tax residency upon fulfilling the requirements outlined in this article. Thus, it is possible to possess a residence permit without being a tax resident, and vice versa.

Conclusion: Is tax residency in Armenia right for you?

Tax residency in Armenia can prove advantageous for digital nomads seeking a low-tax jurisdiction that offers an appealing quality of life. The country's straightforward tax system, expansive double tax treaty network, and affordable cost of living render it an enticing destination. Nevertheless, each digital nomad's circumstances are unique, necessitating careful consideration of personal factors, tax obligations, and long-term plans before reaching a decision.

What Makes Armenia a Good Choice for Residency 

No Stay or Visit

Maintaining residency in Armenia does not require physical presence; remote application is possible.

Fast and Easy

The residency application usually takes about 80 days and only a valid passport is required. 

Family Covered

Residents can sponsor extended family for residency (parents, siblings, grandchildren, etc.) 

Citizenship Path

After living in Armenia for three years, citizenship can be obtained. Dual citizenship is allowed.

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As part of the preparation process, we will take care of translating your passport, printing photos, and filling out the necessary forms.


Residency for Family

You can sponsor your spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, and grandchildren to obtain residency in Armenia.



In order to qualify for residency, you have the option of either making a low-risk investment in government bonds or donating to a rural development project.


SSN, Tax ID, Etc.

You can obtain a certificate of registered address, a social security number, personal tax identification number, as well as a tax residency certificate.


Residence Permit

Applicants can choose to apply for a temporary (1-year) or permanent (5-year) residence permit remotely or in-person.


Bank Account

You can choose from 18 banks offering online and mobile banking, Visa and MasterCard options, and up to 11% interest on deposits in AMD, RUR, etc.

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