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Trademark Infringement outside Armenia

Trademark infringement outside of Armenia is generally not subject to enforcement under Armenian trademark law. Here are key points regarding trademark infringement outside Armenia:

  1. Territorial Limitation: Trademark rights are territorial in nature, meaning they are generally enforceable only within the country or region where the trademark is registered. Armenian trademark rights apply primarily within Armenia's borders.

  2. Acts Inside Armenia: Import and export of products to and from Armenia can qualify as acts within the country that may infringe an Armenian trademark. Customs authorities in Armenia may take measures to prevent the importation of infringing goods.

  3. Evidence from Foreign Activities: While activities outside Armenia cannot be the basis for a charge of trademark infringement or dilution within Armenia, they can serve as supportive evidence in an Armenian trademark infringement case. For example, evidence of an alleged infringer's activities or legal actions taken against them in foreign countries may be relevant in an Armenian legal proceeding.

  4. Bad Faith Registration: If a competitor registers a similar or identical trademark in Armenia in bad faith with the intent to hinder a foreign company from entering the Armenian market, the affected company may have grounds to challenge the junior trademark's registration and seek its cancellation.

  5. Jurisdiction: Armenian courts may have jurisdiction to adjudicate trademark infringement actions against individuals or entities domiciled in Armenia, even if the alleged infringement primarily occurred in foreign jurisdictions. In such cases, the court may consider acts committed outside Armenia and in the jurisdiction where the alleged infringement took place.

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