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What May Be Registered as a Trademark in Armenia

Trademark registration in Armenia covers a wide range of marks that are used to distinguish goods and services and can be graphically presented. Here's what can be registered as a trademark in Armenia:

  1. Conventional Trademarks: Trademarks can include elements such as letters, numerals, words (including personal and company names), building names, word combinations, slogans, logos, pictures, drawings, holograms, arrangement of colors, symbols, or combinations of these elements.

  2. Non-Traditional Marks: Armenian law extends protection to "non-traditional" marks, including:

    • Shapes of goods or their packaging
    • Three-dimensional marks
    • Sounds
    • Textures
    • Other non-traditional elements
  3. Service Marks: Service marks used to distinguish services can be registered as trademarks.

  4. Jointly-Owned Marks: Multiple parties can jointly own and register a trademark.

  5. Collective Marks: Collective marks representing a group or association of producers, manufacturers, or service providers can also be registered.

However, certain limitations apply:

  • Lack of Distinctiveness: Marks that lack distinctiveness, such as descriptive or generic terms, are not eligible for registration. This includes signs that describe characteristics like quantity, quality, condition, value, place of origin, or other traits of the goods or services.

  • Deceptive Marks: Marks that could deceive the public or infringe on the rights of third parties, including copyright or industrial property rights, cannot be registered.

  • Offensive or Protected Emblems: Offensive marks or those consisting of specially protected emblems, like flags or official quality control signs, are not eligible for registration.

  • Company Names and Domain Names: It's important to note that what can be registered as a trademark may differ from what's acceptable as a company name or domain name.

Trademark registration is a valuable form of protection, but applicants should ensure that their proposed marks meet the criteria outlined in Armenian trademark law.

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