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Nerses Isajanyan

Managing Attorney

LL.M., Georgetown University

Licensed Attorney, Armenia: License no. 903

Licensed Attorney, New York: License no. 5148945

Welcome to Vardanyan & Partners. As the Managing Attorney of this firm, I am proud to represent a team dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services in Armenia. Our approach is grounded in professionalism, integrity, and a deep understanding of the unique legal landscape of our country. We believe in creating value through our commitment to client service, ensuring each client receives the attention and expertise their situation demands. Please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] or call us at +374. We are here to assist you in navigating the opportunities that Armenia has to offer.


Residency by Investment

Investors can obtain a residence permit in Armenia without being actively involved in day-to-day management of the business. Armenia has liberal immigration laws that allow various ways of becoming a resident, such as investing in existing businesses or in agriculture. Purchasing an existing business or a share in one can also qualify an investor for residency.

Digital Nomad Visa

Armenia offers temporary and permanent residence permits to digital nomads and their family members, who can apply remotely with only a valid passport. There is no minimum stay requirement. After three years of residence, it is possible to apply for Armenian citizenship and dual citizenship is allowed. The cost of living in Armenia is low and there are many investment opportunities available.


Armenian citizenship provides visa-free travel to 65 countries, which includes nations that are restricted to western nationals. Having dual citizenship in Armenia can serve as an "insurance policy" and can be passed down to future generations or renounced

Work Permit & Worker Relocation

Armenia requires a work permit for most foreign nationals to work in the country, except for highly skilled foreign specialists, business owners, executives, and certain other categories of workers. The permit must be applied for by the legal employer and is issued for the duration of the employment contract but no longer than one year.

Special Passport

The special residence permit, which is issued in the form of a passport, is valid for 10 years and can be extended indefinitely in 10-year increments. It is generally issued to foreigners of Armenian origin and, in some exceptional cases, non-Armenians engaged in economic or cultural activities in Armenia.

Residency & Address Registration

An Armenian residence permit allows visa-free travel and unrestricted stay in the country and the right to engage in any lawful activities, such as working, studying, or retiring. Foreigners who are residents in Armenia are required to have a registered address for official notices and other purposes. 


Armenia provides a range of benefits for business owners, including quick and simple registration processes, affordable registration fees, minimal tax burdens, no restrictions on foreign ownership, and the opportunity for residency and citizenship. The country also boasts a highly educated yet low-cost workforce, a favorable investment climate, and a thriving diaspora community.

Employer of Record

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a third-party that hires and pays an employee on behalf of another company, handling all employment tasks such as payroll and compliance with labor laws. EOR services allow companies to streamline international growth, reduce liabilities and compliance risks, and convert freelancers and contractors into employees.

Tax Registration & SSN

To deal with various government agencies and banks, one can apply for and obtain a social security number (SSN). Additionally, any person can apply for and obtain a tax identification number, and a tax residency certificate can be issued to those who have spent at least 183 days in a year in Armenia or to those who have their "center of vital interests" in Armenia.

Marriage Registration

Foreigners can register their marriage in Armenia without any requirement to reside in the country or show other ties to it. The process is usually fast, taking as little as two business days. Remote registration with a power of attorney may also be possible.

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What Makes Armenia a Good Choice for Residency

No Stay or Visit

Maintaining residency in Armenia does not require physical presence; remote application is possible.

Fast and Easy

The residency application usually takes about 80 days and only a valid passport is required. 

Family Covered

Residents can sponsor extended family for residency (parents, siblings, grandchildren, etc.)


Citizenship Path

After living in Armenia for three years, citizenship can be obtained. Dual citizenship is allowed.

Our Proven Process of Making Armenia Your Second Home



As part of the preparation process, we will take care of translating your passport, printing photos, and filling out the necessary forms.


Residency for Family

You can sponsor your spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, and grandchildren to obtain residency in Armenia.



In order to qualify for residency, you have the option of either making a low-risk investment in government bonds or donating to a rural development project.


SSN, Tax ID, Etc.

You can obtain a certificate of registered address, a social security number, personal tax identification number, as well as a tax residency certificate.


Residence Permit

Applicants can choose to apply for a temporary (1-year) or permanent (5-year) residence permit remotely or in-person.


Bank Account

You can choose from 18 banks offering online and mobile banking, Visa and MasterCard options, and up to 11% interest on deposits in AMD, RUR, etc.

Where to find us

Nestled in the heart of the Davtashen district in Yerevan, our office is a stone's throw away from the Migration Service building, ensuring seamless coordination on immigration matters. If you refer to the map above, you will pinpoint our exact location. For those journeying from the city center, anticipate a brief 20-30 minute taxi ride to reach us. We look forward to welcoming you and addressing your legal needs.


4/3 Pirumyanner, Suite 12, Yerevan, 0054, Armenia



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