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Virtual Office in Armenia


Armenian law does not require businesses to own or rent brick and mortar offices or employ staff. Thus many local companies, especially foreign-owned, may choose to use virtual offices. Virtual offices allow their users to do business without having to rent, own or otherwise occupy the business addresses used for their registration or business correspondence. With a virtual office you are able to maintain business presence in Armenia at low cost and without losing on service quality.

Armenian virtual office providers offer a variety of services:

  • business and mailing addresses,
  • casual workspace and business meeting places (on-site amenities, on-demand use (hourly, daily or weekly) of conference rooms and offices),
  • mail processing and forwarding,
  • multi-channel local phone numbers and answering services (if needed, call forwarding to another employee or number),
  • call center services,
  • virtual assistant/receptionist services,
  • other services, depending on provider company (telepresence, hot line, telephone sales services, etc.).

Please contact our law firm for more information on virtual office providers in Armenia.

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