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How to Become a Resident of Armenia as a Digital Nomad (Freelancer, Remote Worker, Online Business Owner, Etc.) 

Armenia offers temporary and permanent residence permits to digital nomads and their family members. Residence permit holders may qualify for an Armenian passport (citizenship) after only three years of residency. It is possible to apply for a residence permit remotely and, normally, only a valid passport is required (below are more details on the process and requirements). There is no need to stay in the country, provide police clearance certificates, insurance policies, bank account statements, tickets, etc. 

#1. Benefits of  Armenian Residency

#2. Requirements to Become a Resident of Armenia as a Digital Nomad

#3. Step-by-Step Process. Timeline. Documents. Costs

#4. Remote Applications. Types of Residence Permits

#5. Tax Consequences of Becoming a Resident

#6. Family Members and Dependents

#7. How to Become a Citizen of Armenia

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Alternative Ways to Qualify for Residency

Armenia's immigration laws are quite liberal and there are multiple ways to become a resident. You may invest in and become a shareholder of an existing business, including by making a charitable contribution to a social entrepreneurship project (for example, "Project Oink" distributes female piglets to socially vulnerable families to help them become pig farmers). You may also invest in agriculture (e.g. vineyards, orchards), rental properties, etc. In short, being engaged in any business, irrespective of its size or nature should be sufficient to qualify you for Armenian residency. 

#1. Make a Charitable Contribution

#2. Invest in an Existing Business

#3. Invest in Rental Property

#4. Invest in Agricultural Land

Make Armenia Your Second Home

  • Path to citizenship
  • no Minimum stay 
  • fast PROCESS
  • family covered
  • low taxes
  • low crime rate
  • minimum documents
  • low cost of living
  • FAST internet

Investment in Real Estate, Businesses, Bank Deposits, and Bonds

Armenia's growing economy and real estate market make it an attractive to foreign investors. Properties in central Yerevan grew by 87% since 2017. Investments in rental properties, off-plan properties and agricultral land have been growing in popularity. There are practically no restrictions on foreign ownership of real estate. As a general rule, rental income is taxed at 10%, while capital gains on the sale of property are not taxed. The government, banks, and other companies sell bonds at high interest rates, often times in excess of 10%. 

#1. Buy an Apartment

#2. Off-Plan Property

#3. Vacant Land

#4. Vineyards & Orchards

#5. Invest in an Existing Business

#6. Invest in Government or Corporate Bonds

#7. Make a Bank Deposit

Company Registration in Armenia

Registering an LLC in Armenia is very fast and straightforward and the whole process can be done remotely. There are no restrictions on foreign ownership or management of the companies, no minimum investment requirements, and no renewal fees. Shareholders enjoy limited liability and can use the LLC structure for asset protection or tax optimization purposes. Armenia has beneficial tax rules for small businesses, many of which are exempt from taxes altogether. Additionally, special tax benefits exist for IT companies. 

#1. LLC for Business Income

#2. LLC for Investment and Asset Protection

Banking, Insurance, Driving License, Marriage Registration

Modern financial services are available in Armenia, including bank accounts in foreign currencies, online and mobile banking, debit and credit cards. Health insurance, while not being mandatory, is affordable and the quality of medical services is decent. It is possible for a resident to obtain a driving license in Armenia and, in certain cases, exchange a foreign license for a local one. Registration of marriage is fast and straightforward, available also to non-residents. 

#1. Bank Accounts. Visa & Master Card

#2. Health Insurance & Dental Plans

#3. Driving License

#4. Marriage Registration

Make Armenia Your Second Home

An Armenian residence permit allows digital nomads and remote workers to live in Armenia and legally work for their employer or one their own business using telecommunication technologies or otherwise. Armenia is a free and open, democratic country with rich history and traditions, beautiful nature, and a very low crime rate. Digital expats take advantage of Armenia's liberal immigration regulations, low cost of living, and high Internet speed. Residence permits are normally issued for up to five years.

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