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Buying Property in Tbilisi Suburbs


Georgian suburbs

Buying Property in Tbilisi Suburbs

More and more dwellers of Tbilisi move from the center of the city to the outskirts. There are many advantages of buying property in Tbilisi suburbs.

  •  The central part of Tbilisi is overpopulated with no sufficient green zones. Parking is also a big issue; there are many new high-rise buildings that do not provide for a sufficient number of parking spaces. 
  • Newly constructed buildings are mostly located in the suburbs. Many suburbs have developed infrastructure with access to subway, shopping malls, markets, pharmacies and plenty of eating venues. 
  • The suburb roads are considerably lighter with no traffic jams. 
  • The air in the suburbs is cleaner as there is less pollution caused by traffic congestion.
  • Quiet and peaceful neighborhoods are safer and more suitable for families with children.

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