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Residence by Investment

Armenia's immigration-friendly laws make it possible to invest in safe assets, such as vacation property, to acquire short-term or long-term residence status. With a low-risk investment you can become an owner of a beautiful vacation property and get a temporary residence permit. Larger investments may qualify you for long-term (five years) and special (ten years) residence.

These upscale villas are located in Tsaghkadzor (valley of flowers in Armenian), the most sought-after vacation destination in Armenia. Together with Marriott hotel they form a single recreational unit with common security and service. Residents enjoy a great view of the mountains and the XI century Kecharis church and have access to Marriott's facilities, including restaurant, casino, bar, swimming pool, shops etc.

Tsaghkadzor is located 50 kilometers north of the capital Yerevan. Surrounded with alpine meadows,  the town is situated at a height of 1,841 meters above sea level. Summers in Tsaghkadzor are characterized with mild climate, while winters are cold and snowy. The skiing season in Tsaghkadzor normally starts in mid December and stretches well into March with the top slopes often fit for skiing in April. The infrastructure of tourism is highly developed in Tsaghkadzor, which is the second Armenian city after Yerevan to have the largest number of hotels.

Fractional Ownership of Vacation Property

Most people either cannot afford the type of vacation property they want or reason that they would not use the vacation home often enough to justify the expense. Fractional (shared) ownership provides a solution to these problems by allowing each co-owner to pay only a fraction of the costs and ongoing expenses of vacation home ownership.

With fractional ownership you have a percentage ownership in the property. If the property goes up in value, your share of the pie also becomes more valuable. You may make personal use of the space or let family members or friends use it. When not using your place yourself, renting it out through the property management company is a great way to help offset expenses.

Q&A: Property & Ownership

What exactly will I own? How does fractional ownership work?

Can I earn rental income? 

Will the property appreciate over time?

What is the economic/touristic growth potential?

What are the main features of the property?

How usage rights are allocated?

How is the ownership legally structured?

Who will manage the property? How it will be managed?

Do I have to pay annual dues?

How can I sell my share and exit the investment?

Do I have to pay taxes?

Benefits of Fractional Ownership

Smaller Investment

With fractional ownership buying an expensive property is more affordable; you only pay for what you use

Lower Costs

The costs of ownership are lower than the costs of renting a unit or staying in a hotel in the same resort area


As a buyer of property you will enjoy pride of deeded ownership, guaranteeing that you will have a great place to vacation for many years to come

Long-Term Savings

As a property owner you will not be affected by inflation, and your vacations will be locked in at today's affordable prices

Q&A: Investment & Residence

What are the benefits of getting a residence permit in Armenia?

After how many years of residency I will get an Armenian passport?

What is the step-by-step process and the timeline?

How much am I required to invest?

What documents do I have to provide?

Is it 100% guaranteed that my residency will be approved?

What is the legal basis for the program?

What other expenses I will have to incur throughout the process?

Key Benefits of Residence

Residence in 30 Days

Get your residence permit in only 30 days

No Minimum Stay

You are not required to live in Armenia to maintain the permit

Family Covered

Immediate and extended family members covered

Residence Permits


Valid for 1 year

Extendable indefinitely

Issued in 30-45 days

Family covered: spouse, parents, sons and daughters

Citizenship possible after 3 years


Valid for 10 years

Extendable indefinitely

Issued in 60-70 days

Family covered: spouse, parents, sons and daughters, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren

Citizenship possible after 3 years 

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