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Protection of unregistered trademarks in Armenia


Although it is recommended that trademarks be registered in Armenia, trademark rights may be established without registration through the actual use of a sign in the course of trade insofar as the sign has become well-known among the relevant public in Armenia. Such signs acquire protection not by means of being registered but through the actual use.

The list of well-know signs is maintained by the Armenian Intellectual Property Agency (AIPA). A well-known sign is included in the list by decision of the AIPA Appellate Committee if the sign has attained a certain degree of recognition among the relevant public in Armenia.

Furthermore, a sign used domestically without trademark registration may be protected under unfair competition law, in particular pursuant to article 12 of the Law on Protection of Economic Competition.

In addition, a sign may not be granted trademark protection if it is similar to an unregistered but well-known sign used in the territory of Armenia.

Armenian law also grants provisional protection to trademark applications.

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