IT Companies in Armenia

IT companies

272 IT Companies Registered in Armenia in 2017

According to the Deputy Minister of Transport, IT and Communication, Gegham Vardanyan, the law on tax preferences adopted in 2014 resulted on the sharp increase of number of Armenia-based IT companies.

As he stated, in contrast to 2015 when 59 information technology companies received certificates on tax preferences, in 2017 the number reached 272.

Gegham Vardanyan

Deputy Minister of Transport, IT and Communication

Newly established companies opened 2,400 jobs with an average annual salary making 3-3.4 million drams.

The standing committee of the National Assembly of Armenia approved the package, while Bright Armenia deputy Arkadiy Khachatryan as the only member to abstain on a vote (272 IT companies registered in Armenia in 2017, (25, March, 2019) (in English)).