More US Citizens Seek Armenian Citizenship after 2018 Revolution

Armenian Citizenship

Voice of America reported that the number of US citizens who have Armenian origins and who seek to obtain Armenian citizenship has been increasing after the 2018 Velvet Revolution taken place in Armenia.

The government has changed its approaches to acquiring the citizenship and dual citizenship since Armenia’s independence. Armenia adopted a law on dual citizenship in 2007, which was amended in 2017. According to the law, Armenian citizens have a right to have more than one citizenship.

We have a Diaspora, and many of our compatriots want to acquire Armenian citizenship. They are using this right in accordance with the law. After the revolution the aspirations, perceptions among our compatriots have changed completely, they are looking at Armenia differently and have a great wish to communicate with the homeland. Acquiring citizenship or dual citizenship is one of these forms.”

Armen Bayburdyan

Armenia’s Consul General in Los Angeles

The General Consulate in LA has calculated and come up with the doubled number of people seeking Armenian citizenship over the past 2 years.

Armenia has 3 diplomatic representations in the US. The process of acquiring Armenian citizenship lasts up to 6 months. And if the person was granted with the citizenship, that person needs to visit Armenia to receive the passport, and this is required by the Armenian President’s decree (Number of citizens from US seeking Armenian citizenship increases after 2018 revolution, ARMENPRESS (July 2, 2019) (in English)).


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