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Georgia Ranks 7th in World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business 2020


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The Ease of Doing Business rating, being published by the World Bank since 2003, ranked Georgia 7th in regards of doing business with a simple process. According to the World Bank Report 2020, Georgia achieved 83.7 points, which allowed Georgia to still be on the top among 190 countries. The report claims that Georgia and New Zealand have advantageous position in the ranking because the countries require the lowest number of procedures for setting up a business. It also mentions that quality control in dealing with construction permits is being dealt due to an increase in public access to information.

According to the report for the previous year, Georgia ranked 6th.

In the Doing Business ranking, Georgia gained higher points than Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Lithuania, etc. The leader of the list is New Zealand, then comes Somalia.

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