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On September 1, 2019, the compressed law regarding Labor Safety in Georgia got into force. The law refers not only to the dangerous, heavy, and hazardous labor professions but to all areas of economic enterprise all over Georgia. From now on, local employees, as well as foreign employees will have secured jobs in Georgia in that regard. Additionally, the law now regards to all areas of economic activity, including the employee relations regulated by the Organic Law of Georgia Labor Code of Georgia and the Law of Georgia on Civil Service.

The amendments aimed to outline the key conditions of labor safety and the general policies of precautionary actions dominated in the workplace. Its purpose is to restrain violations of labor safety norms and guarantee the installation and control of labor safety standards. The legislative changes envision the formulation and operation of a system of practical working tools for enforcement and inspection.


It is now employers' obligation to appoint or call an accredited labor security expert to their company to make sure they comply with labor safety standards.

 Labor Inspectorate website provides information on the number of labor security specialists an employer should be obliged to have, given the number of employees the employer has. The requirements are:
  • < 20 employees – the employer undertakes the responsibilities of a labor security specialist
  • 20-100 employees – at least one labor security specialists
  • > 100 employees – at least two labor security specialists

"The labor security specialist must undergo a relevant accreditation program," the website of the Labor Inspectorate reads.

The law states that the decree of the labor inspectorate was enlarged and the Labor Inspector is now authorized to inspect any working place at any moment, without prior notification.

Until September 1, 2019, a supervisory office was entitled to manage business actions, including joining the enterprise, inquiring documents, excluding the performance of the enterprise, sealing the property, checking the enterprise, monitoring the quality of the goods produced, but only based on a warrant issued by a judge. From now on, the Labor Inspector has the right to check any workspace subject to investigation, at any point of day or night, to guarantee effective implementation and enforcement of the labor safety standards.


If anyone tries to prevent the supervisory body from carrying out inspection will have to pay a fine of up to GEL 4,000 for an individual and up to GEL 14,000 for a person designated as a VAT taxpayer.

Employees are authorized, among other things, to claim and accept compensation for damages experienced at the workplace, including injuries resulting from occupational illness.

Georgian Parliament adopted a Law on Labor Safety with the third and final reading on March 7, 2018. The law states that the penalties for the violation of safety norms were tightened, and fines were increased from 100 to 50,000 GEL. 

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