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Startup Hub by Digitain to be Launched in Yerevan


IT Companies in Yerevan

WCIT2019 tech conference taken place in Yerevan, Armenia brought many developments to the country. Digitain, a gaming software company, is planning to initiate one of those. Its plan aims to set up a tech hub that will help prosper IT companies in Yerevan.

According to the company, the hub, which is going to be named DigiTown, aims to grow the IT startup ecosystem and ICT sector of Armenia.

Digitain, with its 1,500 employees, intends to be based in the new hub, which is going to be located near the airport in Yerevan.

What we are offering at WCIT is one year free of charge for the diaspora, for people from outside Armenia to come back to their home town. There's a new generation, not just a generation by age, a generation of ideas. Come and be part of Armenia."

Seba Nader

Digitain's business development manager

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