No Estimated Dates on the Visa Liberalization for Armenia with EU States

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The Foreign Ministry of Armenia formed an inter-department delegation under the head of Deputy Chief of Police Hovhannes Kocharyan, as stated by Avet Adonts, Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia. The delegation intends to hold visa liberalization discussions with EU member states.

Avet Adonts mentioned in one of the interviews that "The delegation that is comprised of officials from different state bodies will make visits to different EU states to start negotiations on the matter."

The delegation managed to pay visits to Germany and Austria. The next destinations are Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and the Scandinavian countries.

"As the full negotiations have not started yet, I cannot state for sure any dates for visa liberalization with the European Union. Also, we need the confirmation of all 28 EU states in that regard. If our purpose is to enter any European country freely, we need to follow laws and not violate the return dates of our trips, " stated Avet Adonts (Armenia can’t estimate the date of visa liberalization with EU yet, Mediamax (September 12, 2019) (in English)).

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