Russian Tourists in Armenia

Russian tourists in Armenia

The Ambassador Assures that Armenia can Host up to 1.5 Million Russian Tourists Annually

According to the Armenian Ambassador of RF Vardan Toganyan, Armenia is able to host up to 1.5 million Russian tourists annually.

Almost half of
foreign tourists visiting Armenia are citizens of Russia.

Vardan Toganyan

Armenian Ambassador of RF

Many tourists include our country on their travel tours. First, they visit other countries (including Georgia), and then come to Armenia because of its convenient location and the abundance of opportunities for travelers.

The number of Russian tourists visiting Armenia has steadily increased throughout the past 10 years, the ambassador mentions. He stated that the number of Russian tourists in Armenia increased for 17% in 2018 reaching 600,000. According to Toganyan, several reasons resulted in this, for example visa-free regime between the countries.

There are 15 daily flights operated from major Russian cities to Armenia according to the ambassador. 

Vardan Toganyan

Armenian Ambassador of RF

There are projects that, at first glance, cannot be tied to tourism, but their implementation affects the modernization of this particular industry. The lion’s share (90%) of flights to Armenia are carried out by Russian airlines, with which we have established warm and mutually beneficial relations

Toganyan also mentioned the importance of media projects organized in Russia, which promote and create the good image of the Republic of Armenia (The ambassador assures that Armenia is can host up to 1.5 million tourists from Russia annually, (3, April, 2019) (in English)).