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Country Overview

Georgia has a strategic location in the Caucasus region and is a primary spot for investors who want to access both the European and Asian markets. The country boasts a uniquely liberal business and trade regimes, low taxes, developing infrastructure and attractive visa and immigration policy. Since March 2017 holders of Georgian passports can travel visa-free to EU/Schengen countries.

Area: 69,700 SQ.KM.

Population:   3,279,500

Capital: TBILISI

currency: lARI (gel)


GDP Per Capita: $4,080

Average monthly salary: $393

Why Georgia Residency

Georgia is a modern and fast growing country with rich history and traditions, beautiful nature, excellent cuisine. The cost of living is very low compared to other European countries. A list of indicative prices can be found here.

A Georgian residence permit grants you the right to unrestricted stay in the country and the right to engage in any lawful activities, such as doing business, working, studying or simply retiring. A resident may invite other foreigners to Georgia. Residents enjoy constitutional rights and freedoms, including rights to work, healthcare, social security, education, property and privacy rights, freedom of speech, conscience, religion and belief. Georgian residents are not obliged to serve in the military.

Ultra-Fast: Less than 30 Days

Path to Citizenship

Family Covered

Low Cost of Living

No Taxes on Foreign Income

Investment Opportunities




Free, Democratic Country

Rich History & Traditions

Beautiful Nature

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Georgia Residence Form

Our Services

  • Visa (E-Visa) 
  • Permanent Residence 
  • Short-Term Residence 
  • Work Residence
  • Visa/Residence Extension
  • Passport (Citizenship)
  • Company Registration
  • Legal Address 
  • Bank Account
  • Tax Registration
  • Tax Residence
  • Residence (ID) Card
  • Real Estate Purchase
  • Ownership Registration
  • Appraisal (Audit) Report
  • Supporting Letter
  • Certified Translation
  • Power of Attorney

Overview of Residence Programs

  1. Top Tips
  2. Ownership Structure
  3. Payment Method and Structure
  4. Offer to Buy
  5. Appraisal and Survey
  6. Local Searches
  7. Preliminary Agreement
  8. Deed of Sale
  9. Registration
  10. Fees, Taxes & Insurance
  11. Inheritance
  12. Mortgage & Banking

Ownership Structure

Payment Methods

Offer to Buy

Appraisal and Survey

Establishing Good Title

Preliminary Agreement

Deed of Sale


Fees, Taxes and Insurance


Services you provide:

- remove address registrations of other people

- appraisal

- survey

- cadastral value & property taxes

- changing utility agreements

- check cadastral plan

- measurements

- power of attorney

- tax and legal matters (inheritance, residency)

- property management (?)

- negotiations

- inheritance planning

- property company setup and maintenance

- capacity to contract (compliance with corporate laws)

- disputes involving the party and the property

- preceding transactions

- utility debts

- property tax liabilities

- insolvency (reasons to sell)


design issues + inquiry form + legal documents, useful links etc.


Buying in new buildings (list/inventory of such investment properties)

Construction (permits etc.)

Property management


Disputes, hidden defects

Buying to renovate or build a new property demands careful pre-planning. Certain French building regulations are very different from other countries and permission has to be granted from the local mairie (town hall). You will need the advice of an expert, such as an architect or surveyor. 

If the construction is not over yet you should be especially careful with documents and you also should expect delays as it is very rare for developers to finish the construction on time.

Georgia offers visas, residence permits and tax residency status to investors, property owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, workers and their family members, with a path to citizenship. 

Property Prices in Central Yerevan (m2)

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UPDATE: 2019 Legislative Amendments

Please note that the Parliament of Georgia is currently debating two bills which aim at increasing the minimum investment requirements. It is not clear when or if these amendments will be enacted. However, we believe there is a high likelihood that they will come into effect by the end of 2019.

Click to check the text of the 2019 bills

Georgia's police and security service conduct thorough background checks for each candidate. Accordingly, there may be no guarantees that your application will be approved. In practice, applicants from Western countries are treated more favorably, whereas applicants from countries such as Iran, Iraq, Syria or Pakistan will have to show a really strong case to quality for a residence permit.

Collecting the Residence Permit (ID Card)

Investment (Permanent) Residence Permit

To qualify for a permanent (investor) residence permit you will need to invest at least 300,000 laris (around US$ 112,000) in the Georgian economy in the form of capital contribution, loan, purchase of real estate or other assets. The value of the investment has to be verified by an independent auditor. Moreover, the application for a permanent residence permit has to be supported by three business managers who are Georgian citizens (or by a member of the Georgian government). As its name suggests, the permanent residence permit is issued for an indefinite period of time. However, the residence card has to be replaced every five years.

Procedure - Application Steps

Documents Required (Main Applicant)

Documents Required (Dependent)


Property Ownership (Short-Term) Residence Permit

To qualify for a short-term residence permit you will need to become an owner of real estate, such as an apartment, house, development land or any other residential or commercial property (but not agricultural land) worth US$ 35,000 and more. The value of the investment has to be verified by an independent auditor. A short-term residence permit is valid for one year, and can be extended by one-year increments for another 5 years, after which it can be converted into a permanent residence permit, provided that the investment remains in place.

Procedure - Application Steps

Documents Required (Main Applicant)

Documents Required (Dependent)


The average prices in the capital Tbilisi are around US$900 per sq.m., with properties in the center closer to US$1,500. Prices are slightly lower in the second largest city, the seaside resort Batumi. Rental properties are generally more profitable in Tbilisi which hosts tourists all year round, whereas Batumi is popular in summer. For US$ 35,000, it is feasible to purchase a one-bedroom apartment in Tbilisi.

Business Manager/Freelancer (Work) Residence Permit

To qualify for a work residence permit as a business manager you will have to produce an employment agreement or a similar document certifying your employment. If this document does not show your monthly income you will have to produce a bank account statement from a local bank confirming a balance of at least  US$1,630.

To qualify for a work residence permit as a freelancer you will have to produce documents certifying your professional qualifications, e.g. diplomas, certificates, other documents showing your education, membership in professional associations etc. In addition, you will need to provide a reference from a Georgian citizen or a Georgian resident and a bank account statement from a local bank confirming a balance of at least  US$1,630.

A work residence permit is issued for a term of up to one year (typically six months), and can be extended by one-year increments for another 5 years, after which it can be converted into a permanent residence permit, provided that the employment continues throughout this period.

Procedure - Application Steps

Documents Required (Main Applicant - Business Manager)

Documents Required (Main Applicant - Freelancer)

Documents Required (Dependent)


Family Members

If you hold a Georgian residence permit your family members also can apply for "residence permits for family reunification." The following are considered family members:

  • Spouse
  • Son or daughter (minor and adult)
  • Parent
  • Minor, supported or incapable person under guardianship/custody of or fully dependent on the main applicant

A residence permit for family reunification is issued if documents are presented showing the kinship (e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate) and availability of financial means (income or savings) to support the family members.

A residence permit for family reunification is normally issued for a term of up to one year, and can be extended for another 5 years (6 years in total), after which it can be converted into a permanent residence permit.

Please note that if you hold a property ownership (short-term) residence permit your family members qualify for the same type (i.e. short-term) residence status. If you hold an investor (permanent) residence permit only the following family members qualify for the same type (i.e. permanent) residence status: spouse, minor children (under 18), supported on disabled persons fully dependent on you or legally incapable persons fully dependent on you.

Procedure - Application Steps

Documents Required


Tax Residence for High Net Worth Individuals

A foreigner may be granted tax residency status in Georgia if he qualifies as "high net worth individual":

  • The value of his assets is higher than GEL 3,000,000 (US$1,121,500), or
  • His annual income exceeded GEL 200,000 (US$74,800) over the last three years

In addition to the above requirements, the applicant must show that he:

  • Has a residence permit of Georgia, or
  • His annual income from Georgian sources exceeds GEL 25,000 (US$9,300)

The documents are filed with the Revenue Service, which has seven business days to make a determination on the eligibility of the applicant. If the application is erroneous or incomplete the applicant will be given up to 30 days to fix the errors. Once the eligibility is confirmed the case is forwarded to the Ministry of Finance, which issues to the applicant a certificate of tax residency as well as a 9-digit tax identification number. 

The application can be filed in person or through an authorized representative. The tax residency certificate is issued for one tax year. It contains information on the resident's address, tax ID, and a confirmation that he is a resident of Georgia for tax purposes.

Documents Required 

Legal Basis

Passport & Visa-Free Travel

Georgian passport ranks 49th in the world (as of 2019) and allows visa-free travel to 114 countries and territories, including EU/Schengen countries, most of CIS countries, Iran and Turkey.

Citizenship by Exception. The President of Georgia may grant Georgian citizenship by way of exception to a foreigner who has made a contribution of exceptional merit to Georgia or based on state interests. Among other things, the following circumstances may be be considered in deciding on a citizenship petition:

  • The foreigner has made or is in the process of making an investment in Georgia that has contributed substantially to the development of the economy; or
  • The foreigner is successful in sports, science or arts and is willing to represent Georgia; or 
  • The foreigner considers Georgia to be his/her homeland.

Citizenship by Residence. You may apply for a Georgian passport after 10 years of residence in the country. The residence must be continuous, meaning that you cannot spend more than 90 days outside Georgia during a year (except when you leave Georgia for up to two years for education or treatment). In addition to the residency requirement, you will have to show basic knowledge of Georgian language, history and law, and that you have a job or own real estate or a business interest in Georgia.

If you are married to a Georgian citizen you may apply for Georgian citizenship after 5 years of continuous residence in the country. You still have to show basic knowledge of Georgian language, history and law. However, there are no requirements to have a job or own real property or business interests in Georgia. 

Georgia restricts the possibility of dual citizenship. You may retain your current citizenship if you are granted Georgian citizenship by exception. However, if you are granted Georgian citizenship on the basis of residency you will have to renounce your current citizenship. 

Legal Basis

Visa to Georgia

Please note that, unless you qualify for visa-free travel to Georgia, you must have a long-term visa and at least 45 days before your lawful status in Georgia expires to be able to apply for a residence permit (except for applicants for permanent (investor) residence permits).

Visa-Free Travel

Nationals of almost 100 countries (listed below) can travel to Georgia visa-free. They are allowed to enter Georgia without a visa and stay in the country for one full year. As an exception, nationals of Iran are allowed to stay in the country for up to 45 days during one visit.

List of Countries the Citizens of which Can Travel to Georgia-Visa Free

Moreover, holders of visas or residence permits of around 50 countries (listed below) can also travel to Georgia visa-free. They are allowed to enter Georgia without a visa and stay in the country for up to 90 days in any 180-day period. 

List of Countries the Visas/Residence Permits of which Allow Visa-Free Travel to Georgia

Ordinary Visa (E-Visa) 

Single-entry visas allow visits to Georgia for a maximum of 30 calendar days. Multiple-entry visas allow visits to Georgia for up to 90 days in any 180-day period. For nationals of most countries it is not necessary to deal with embassies as ordinary visas can be obtained electronically (e-visa).

List of Countries the Citizens of Which Qualify for 90-Day (Multiple-Entry) E-Visa

List of Countries the Citizens of Which Qualify for 30-Day (Multiple-Entry) E-Visa

Please note that you may not be able to apply for a residence permit in Georgia if you visit the country on a 30-day visa because the requirement of having at least 45 days before the expiry of the lawful status will not be met. 

The nationals of countries that do not qualify for an e-visa must obtain a regular (sticker) visa from a Georgian embassy/consular office abroad.

List of Countries the Citizens of Which Must Get a Regular (Sticker) Visa at Embassy

Please note that it is not generally possible to get a Georgian visa on arrival (at the border). Ordinary visas are not subject to extension, unless there are exceptional circumstances. However, it may be possible to defer the obligation to leave Georgia if your visa is still valid for at least 7 days. 

Immigration Visa (Category D)

Immigration visas are issued to foreigners coming to Georgia for work and business (D1), freelancing (D2), family reunification (D4) as well as to owners of real estate worth $35,000 and higher (D5).

If you need an immigration visa you can apply for it at Georgian embassies abroad.  It is also possible to obtain an immigration visa in Tbilisi, provided that the applicant has at least 45 days before his/her lawful status expires. You will have to submit documents showing 1) purpose of visit 2) sufficient financial means 3) proof of accommodation 4) travel and health insurance. Owners of real estate do not have to provide these documents. Instead, they must show a certificate of ownership of real estate. 

An immigrant visa is normally issued within 30 days. Owners of real estate can get a D5 visas in 10 days. The government fees for obtaining an immigration visa are around US$ 20.

Visa Overstay Penalties

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